Celebrating Earth Day with Cannisence

Take a few drops of our Lemon Hemp Oil for this read and get ready to introspectively reflect on how we can connect with our planet today, tomorrow, and for many Earth Days to come.

Did you know that the first Earth Day, in 1970, marked the founding of the modern environmental protection movement?

Fast forward to 2020: the 50th year Americans have celebrated this important day of recognition. As we deal with the unexpected circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, our 50th Earth Day takes on additional significance beyond just reaching half a century in age.

This Earth Day, we urge you to look at your own life in terms of the following:

  • the choices you’re making for your body
  • the choices you’re making that impact your extended family and community
  • the choices you’re making that impact the earth
  • how integrated your physical and mental well-being is with the well-being of our planet.

As we’re impacted by closed businesses, remote education, working from home, and other social distancing measures, many of us are realizing or in other ways learning what’s fundamentally important for our individual, community-wide, and global humanity.

This Earth Day, half a century after the modern environmental protection movement was founded, and a few months into the “new normal” of a COVID-19 world, consider asking yourself these questions:

  • How do I connect with nature?
    • Where are my favorite places for a break outdoors?
    • From the foliage to the birds to the sun and sky, what do I find most enjoyable about nature?
    • How does nature help me connect with my loved ones?
    • What would life be like if I couldn’t go outside?
  • Do I have an opportunity to be less materialistic?
    • Where do the material products I buy come from?
    • Am I frequently using overseas shipping at the expense of the earth’s resources?
    • Do any of the products I buy come from factories in countries with little or no environmental regulations?
    • Do any of the products I buy require harmful chemicals to be manufactured?
    • What material objects or brands could I live without?
    • Are there locally sourced or more naturally produced alternatives?
    • Which of these objects have really mattered to my current well-being?
    • Would letting go of some of these material possessions help me connect with nature and loved ones?
  • Am I treating the earth as an extension of my body—and my body as part of the earth?
    • What potentially harmful foods or pharmaceuticals am I putting into my body?
    • Have I been exercising recently?
    • Could I do more to take care of my body?
    • What harmful waste or chemicals am I putting into the environment?
    • Do I ever participate in litter clean-ups, tree planting, or environmental fundraising?
    • Could I do more to take care of the earth?

This year, while we’re in the midst of a change to our normal routines, it might just be the perfect time to re-evaluate and start making different choices. Every single choice you make for your body adds up and makes a big difference in your health. Every single choice each human on our planet makes adds up and makes a big impact in our planet’s well-being.

Here at Cannisence, we focus on using hemp’s natural healing properties to increase personal wellness through what the earth naturally provides. We are pleased to report that our lemon drops and hemp creams are 100% organic, free of pesticides and solvents, and GMO-free. We keep it local by growing, packaging, and shipping within the US rather than expending additional natural resources by sourcing our product from overseas.

This Earth Day, and every day, we’re happy to help you conquer anxiety, sleep better, and easily manage pain with a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals that’s good for your body and good to the earth.


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