Alleviate Insomnia With Hemp Oil

If you’re not getting quality sleep every night, you’re likely dragging yourself through the day with little energy trying to complete all your tasks with great difficulty. 

Not only that, but lack of quality sleep can negatively impact a number of other facets of your health as well, which is why getting plenty of rest every night is essential for good health. 

But rather than take sleep medication – which comes with a slew of side effects, including potential addiction – hemp oil can serve as a natural sleep aid. 

By reducing pain and calming the mind, hemp CBD oil for sleep can put you in the ideal state to fall asleep and stay asleep until you awaken the following morning feeling well-rested and refreshed.

Hemp CBD Can Help With Insomnia in Men

No matter what the reason may be for your inability to fall asleep and stay asleep night after night, the effects of insomnia can be debilitating. 

But while pharmaceuticals are an option, so is hemp oil. 

A few drops of Cannisence hemp CBD oil for sleep every day can help promote better quality sleep so that you can maintain a state of restfulness all throughout the night and wake up feeling refreshed.

Hemp-Based CBD For Sleep For Women

Poor sleep is unfortunately a rather common ailment in women. But while the odd night of restlessness may be fine, chronic insomnia can wreak havoc on your life. 

Not only can lack of sleep night after night make you feel tired all day, you may find that it can negatively impact other aspects of your life, including weight gain and moodiness. 

But while there are pharmaceutical medications that can help you achieve the sleep you need, hemp-based CBD may also be a viable and effective alternative to combat insomnia.

How To Use Our CBD Products

The perfect dosage size is different for everybody. The fact is, some will need a higher dose, and others will require less. The amount can vary based on the metabolism and various health factors for each person.

Generally, we suggest:
1. Following each product’s recommend dosage size for 1 week.

2. Use the same dosage daily and observe how your body responds to find what feels best for you.
You can also contact your health practitioner to help guide you in determining your optimal dosage.

How To Take Our Products:
Hemp Tinctures & Oils:
– Place the desired dosage size drops under the tongue, hold for up to 60 seconds, and sallow.

Topicals & Creams:
– Apply directly on the body, reapply as needed.
– If using our muscle menthol creme be careful not to use on sensitive body areas.

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