Alleviate Pain With Hemp Oil

As a busy, active woman, you probably have to deal with pain from time to time. 

Whether it’s sore joints from all the runarounds you do, achy muscles from your pilates classes, or headaches from the day-to-day grind, pain can be debilitating. 

But with a quality hemp product, you can effectively deal with that pain and get on with your life. 

Hemp CBD oil for pain has been shown to have pain-alleviating properties that rival the effects of conventional medications, except that it’s all-natural and doesn’t come with the same side effects that pharmaceuticals may have. 

When pain starts to set in, reach for a hemp oil product from Cannisence to deal with your discomfort head-on.

Hemp CBD Can Help With Pain in Men

Whether you’ve had a particularly tough workout, are experiencing ongoing pain from a chronic injury, or are dealing with discomfort as a result of an illness or disease, the pain associated with these issues can be debilitating. 

But while pharmaceuticals are an option, so is hemp oil. 

A few drops of Cannisence hemp CBD oil for pain every day can help minimize the pain and discomfort you may be feeling, allowing you to get back to your busy life.

Hemp-Based CBD For Pain For Women

Pain is a universal experience that everyone goes through. But sometimes the pain women feel is exclusive to females, such as the discomfort that often comes during menstrual periods. 

While some women may not experience much discomfort at all during this time of the month, others find the pain to be crippling. 

The pain can be so bad that pharmaceutical pain relief is often sought. 

But while that is certainly an option, hemp-based CBD may also be a viable and effective alternative to combat pain experienced as a result of bloating and cramping.

How To Use Our CBD Products​

The perfect dosage size is different for everybody. The fact is, some will need a higher dose, and others will require less. The amount can vary based on the metabolism and various health factors for each person.

Generally, we suggest:
1. Following each product’s recommend dosage size for 1 week.

2. Use the same dosage daily and observe how your body responds to find what feels best for you.
You can also contact your health practitioner to help guide you in determining your optimal dosage.

How To Take Our Products:
Hemp Tinctures & Oils:
– Place the desired dosage size drops under the tongue, hold for up to 60 seconds, and sallow.

Topicals & Creams:
– Apply directly on the body, reapply as needed.
– If using our muscle menthol creme be careful not to use on sensitive body areas.

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