Introducing Triple Strength 1500MG Menthol Muscle Cream

A revolutionary approach to pain management! Remarkably, our hemp-based, muscle cream does not simply “mask pain”. If you are suffering in pain due to underlying inflammation of muscles, nerves, ligaments or tendons then you MUST discover this breakthrough formulation. Let the power of Hemp – change your world with triple-strength 1500 mg menthol muscle cream. 

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We don’t want you to live another day with the crippling effects of anxiety, pain, and low-quality sleep.

Our mission is to provide hemp wellness you can trust: CBD oils and creams that are 100% US grown and packaged, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, healthy, safe, and packed full of anti-oxidants that work naturally to enhance the way your body functions. Our full spectrum topicals and tinctures are science-supported, contain high amounts of hemp, and use only 100% pure and natural extracts.

Whether you’re new to CBD, looking for higher quality hemp wellness products that work better for you, or have been enjoying the benefits of Cannisence for years, we promise to deliver top products, compassionate service, and clear guidance for an all-around outstanding hemp wellness experience, every time. For everything you do to take care of your family and keep business operating smoothly, you deserve to live a better life with less stress, less pain, and better sleep.


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Hemp oil is a game changer. We provide our customers more choices for tincture strength and flavor, with easy to understand lab test results.

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